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The story behind the image series…

Last year I worked on a lifestyle shoot for my subscription client Alex from The Joyful Rebel.  Alex is a small business based in Keynsham that specialises in luxury Children’s clothing and handmade jewellery. For this shoot it was all about creating lifestyle mages that Alex could use on her website alongside product shots.

We decided to create a traditional kids birthday party, which was super fun and a bit crazy! Having talked through this with Alex and creating a mood board together, I suggested it would be good to have an image that showed movement, and created the atmosphere of a kids party fun with the cake topper the feature in the back ground.

The image was created by mounting the camera on a tripod and using a slow shutter speed to create the blur and movement .

Some of the children were in the branded birthday T shirts and we has balloons loose on the floor and some of the children carrying them to add pops of colour in keeping with Alex’s colourful brand.

Tech details ISO 500 1/40th second at F4