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Lisa Barry – A Mother’s Awakening Journey

Lisa is a Colour Therapist & Teacher, Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Psychologist using EFT and matrix re-imprinting. She has been supporting, guiding and empowering women and mothers for 16 years. Lisa is passionate about helping you heal your trauma and showing you that you can live a joyful, happy, healthy life again.

Capturing Lisa’s Story: The Brief

The aim of Lisa’s photoshoot was to showcase her work and provide potential clients with an insight into her profession. After several discussions with Lisa, it became apparent that her calm and beautiful personality, the tranquil space she works in, and the importance of hands in her profession would be the main focus of the shoot. These factors demonstrate trust and emotion, which is an essential aspect of Lisa’s work. The images captured will be used to revamp her website, social media, training courses, and marketing materials. To ensure that Lisa’s story was portrayed accurately, we created several mood boards for each area, which served as a guide throughout the photoshoot.

“Thank you so much for the amazing images! You have captured the essence of my sanctuary and all that I do and am so perfectly. I just love them! I shared a sneak peek with the colour mirrors group and they loved them!

I am so happy I decided to go for a shoot. So many to choose from so I can always keep my site, media and posts fresh! Thank you again, it was so much fun working with you!”