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How to Choose the Perfect Clothing for Your Brand Photoshoot


Select outfits that you feel comfortable in, there is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable or not you. It will show in your images if you don’t feel like you in your outfit choice!


When it comes to colour choices, bright shades work well as long as they complement your brand’s colour palette. Neutral tones are also an excellent choice and can be mixed up by adding in some fabrics with texture. Pops of colour can also be added in by including accessories, such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, belts, scarves and hats.


If you opt for patterned clothing, balance it out with plain garments for a more polished look.


Avoid reds, as they tend to look oversaturated and undefined in editing.


You don’t need to purchase new clothes for your shoot; instead, scour your wardrobe for items that fit the bill. Alternatively, consider renting clothing from companies that deliver items by mail.