Nicola Jane Photography Logo - Blue shape containing nj initials in handwritten font.

I started my business a few years ago on Etsy. As my products improved and I started to build a customer base, I wanted to have my own website. I felt that I needed more professional images to better represent my brand and products. My brand is still very much still in development – I was concerned that someone else wouldn’t be able to translate what I had in head.

Nicola was recommend to me by another small business owner and friend. Even after the first video call she had already narrowed down what I wanted to achieve and fully explained what she could offer. I came out of the meeting feeling very positive.

After some homework and a second video call, we had a plan, a look and task list. This was a really useful way for me to make sure I was on track. I have a very full family life, school and working schedule – it is very easy for things to slip. Nicola was very responsive via email and social media – I felt very supported.

The photoshoot was in her lovely studio. You will realise that Nicola is a perfectionist – It was very lovely to see someone so passionate about they do. It really shows in the care and understanding she offers, also most importantly the results.

Social media is such a big part of what I do. Having a back catalogue of beautiful photo makes it so much easier. Off the first two images on Instagram; I saw increased amount of followers, shares and most importantly sales. I had twenty orders off the back of one of the images, which for me is a big deal!

I’ve not done anything like this before – I’m very much a person that likes to do everything myself. I fully recommend Nicola Jane Photography, the whole process was easy and I came out with stunning images. She is friendly and supportive, after every meeting I felt very confident and energised. All the images completely capture, the products, my brand and even me perfectly. I couldn’t have ask for more and I’m already signed up for next year.